Breast reduction


How is the intervention?

Breast reduction also called mammoplasty It consists of an intervention in which the size of the breasts is reduced by extracting fat from them and taking advantage of it to achieve greater firmness in them. On numerous occasions it is also used to reduce the size of the areola. Many patients decide to have this operation due to the excessive pain they notice in their back and neck, and there are even many who feel small irritations under the skin of the breast or respiratory problems.

It is called breast hypertrophy this increase in breast volume, leaving it with an excessive size and larger than usual. This type of alteration can occur during puberty and can even cause stretch marks on the chest. In the case of adult women, it causes the breast to become larger and even harder.

Reduction mammoplasty has as its main purpose reduce the size of female breasts. To do this, part of the fat is extracted from them through the openings that are made and that, later, will become scars. Due to the extraction of this glandular excess, a more proportionate and natural breast shape is obtained.

After lifting the skin and extracting the necessary fat, the surgeon will place the areola again in the corresponding place, leaving it somewhat smaller than before the intervention.

This operation lasts around 2h or 3h and is performed under general anesthesia. It is an intervention that has little risk and for which prior hospitalization will not be necessary unless the surgeon indicates otherwise.

Advantages of breast reduction

✅ No more back and neck pain.

✅ Firm chest and better texture.

✅ Duration of implants.

✅ Almost invisible scars.

Types of scars

Operation of reduction mammoplasty Like the rest of the operations, it will be carried out in one way or another depending on the type of patient in question and the characteristics and appearance of the chest. If we have to differentiate the type of scar that may remain after the intervention, we distinguish:

Around the areola and nipple.

Vertical from the areola to the submammary crease.

Inverted T-shaped scar that runs from the areola to the fold through the nipple. It consists of a minimal, almost invisible line.


There are several things to keep in mind about recovery after undergoing breast reduction:

  • It must be observed 24 hours later.
  • bra No rings or anything that puts pressure on the chest.
  • It is recommended to avoid wetting this area for up to 20 days.
  • If you have opted for the vertical scar The patient will have to spend approximately two months with a modeling plaster dressing to achieve the desired length and shape.
  • From the 4th or 5th day you can return to routine and work unless it requires physical exercise. If so, you will have to wait 7 to 10 days.
  • Physical exercise can be carried out progressively from the first month.

Before and after

Breast reduction is a fairly common operation that many women perform due to the discomfort caused by the excessive volume of their breast.



If you want to know more about other breast surgery, such as breast asymmetry, click here and know what are the causes and benefits of this operation.

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