Chest lift


How is the intervention?

The chest lift also known as mastopexy It is the surgery that aims to raise breasts that for different reasons have sagged. Its main purpose is that they return to have a smooth appearance. The main causes for this sagging can be:

  • Sudden changes in weight
  • Congenital
  • Lactation
  • Pregnancy
  • Aging

On numerous occasions it tends combine this operation with mammoplasty since the end to which both are destined is very similar. In the case of this treatment we distinguish three degrees:

First grade in which the breast is somewhat empty and the areola and the nipple are differentiated above the breast fold.
Second grade in which you begin to notice that the breast is empty and areola and nipple are at the same level.
Third degree in which he observes an advanced loss of volume in the breast and areola and nipple are beyond the breast groove.

breast lift without prosthesis

The chest lift can be done in different ways always taking into account the volume the final form that we want to give to our chest. To do this, a small scar is made on the areola or in the groove of the chest. After this small incision, the implants are placed in the created pockets.

Regarding the placement of the implants, it can be done in two ways:

➕  Submuscular, placing this under the pectoral muscle.

➕  Subglandular, placing this under the breast tissue.

About the incisions that are made can be:

Periaolar which follows the perimeter of the areola and is carried out when it comes to cases of little breast drop.

Vertical that follows the perimeter of the areola advancing towards the mammary groove that takes place in cases of a more advanced degree of breast drop.

Anchor which is used in patients with severe chest sagging. It is usually the most used and the most traditional.

Regarding the estimated duration of the intervention, it will vary between one and two hours and the patient will have general anesthesia for it. On some occasions a local anesthesia with sedation is also chosen, but it always depends on the patient in question. The hospitalization prior to this intervention will be simply outpatient since it is an operation that has no risks, so no more is needed.

Types of implants

In this intervention, a small incision in the lower part of the areola or in the groove that will be necessary to create a pocket where to place the prosthesis. This prosthesis and as in breast augmentation can be:

Round that always fill the cleavage more and that are the most used in mastopexy with prostheses. Special care must be taken with them in thinner patients, as their shape can be somewhat more artificial depending on the proportion of these with the patient's body.

Anatomical that stand out for their naturalness and are ideal for patients who are thin as they present a greater naturalness and simplicity. Unlike the round ones, this type of prosthesis reveals its birth from the neckline itself.

Advantages of the breast lift

✅ Correction of the appearance of the breasts

✅ Long-lasting results

✅ Duration of implants

✅ Obtaining expected results

✅ You will increase your self-esteem


As in other chest operations, in mastopexy the patient must also use a special bra for at least a month but you only have to wait a week to return to work. If we refer to exercising or returning to some routines, you should be at rest for a month as well.

It does not have to be mandatory but if it were necessary to put a drain, it would be removed two days after surgery. The days after the operation and for a period of a couple of weeks the patient should not sleep face down to avoid unnecessary pressure on the chest and pain.

Hematomas and inflammation may appear in the chest and to avoid discomfort from them, it is advisable to sleep on your back with a pillow on your back so that the body is more relaxed.

Before and after

In the following images you can find some real examples of the breast lift.



If you want to find out about another breast surgery, such as Breast augmentation do not hesitate to visit our page or get in touch with us. 

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