All about breast augmentation and lift

chest operations They are one of the most demanded interventions among women. The changes that occur in the body, together with the passing of the years, make them begin to reject the breast that they have left and with this they experience a feeling of disappointment and disgust with their body. Thus, having breast surgery is one of the first solutions that are contemplated.

As with any other aesthetic change that is going to be made in our body It is important to know and identify the types of aesthetic remodeling that can be done and what are the differences between them. Therefore, in this article we are going to explain how breast augmentation and breast lift differ. Go!

What is breast augmentation?

He breast catkin It is one of the most performed operations in our country. Also called mammoplasty, consists of an intervention that aims to improve the size and shape of the chest. Many women take these factors into account, which is why many of them suffer from "hypoplasty" or small breasts, and over the years seek to eliminate this disproportionality.

It is a very simple operation that lasts for an hour or an hour and a half as long as it is performed by a specialist. Even so, it is an intervention that is recommended only to those people where the body is fully developed both physically and psychologically.

To carry it out, An incision is made around the areola or under the breast, where the selected prosthesis will be placed. All this will be done through general anesthesia, which will ensure that the person does not feel pain at any time.

breast augmentation and lift

What are the advantages of having a breast augmentation?

Like any intervention, submitting to it brings numerous advantages for the person. Among them are:

  • Surgery without complications thanks to its easy intervention.
  • Few days of hospitalization.
  • Duration of the implants.
  • Improved perception of yourself
  • Increase your self esteem

How is the postoperative?

Like the operation recovery is also very simple. The first four or five days the patient may notice discomfort in the operated area, so he will not be able to attend work in the five or seven days after the operation. Thus, if you are a person who exercises a lot in your daily routine, it is important that you know that you will not be able to play sports again until one month after the operation.

Besides, You will have to go through check-ups with a specialist to control the area where the breast augmentation has been carried out.

It is important to know that during the first days, and even weeks, a shape is observed in the implants that will not be different from the final one, since little by little the skin is adapting and becoming more natural. It will not be until three months where you will be able to see the final appearance of your new breasts.

What is a chest lift?

The chest lift Its purpose is to raise the area that, for different reasons, have been lowered. Also known as mastopexy, it makes the person's chest look beautiful and smooth again.

Some of the causes why the breasts can sag They are:

  • Sudden changes in weight
  • Congenital
  • Lactation
  • Pregnancy
  • Aging
breast augmentation and lift

What types of implants are there?

As in breast augmentation, A small incision is made at the bottom of the areola or in the groove. This will be necessary to create a pocket in which to place the prosthesis. These can be:

  • round: They are the most used in mastopexy. They fill out the neckline much more, but you have to be careful if you are a thin person, since the result can be somewhat artificial depending on the proportion that is given to the body.
  • Anatomical: They stand out for the naturalness they leave on the person undergoing this intervention. They are ideal for thin patients, but they reveal their birth from the neckline itself.

What are its advantages?

Among all the benefits of undergoing this intervention it's found:

  • Correction of the appearance of the breasts
  • lasting results
  • Duration of the implants
  • Obtaining expected results
  • You will increase your self-esteem

How is the postoperative?

In this operation, the patient must use a special bra for a minimum month, but you only have to wait a week to return to work. Even so, the return to the routine in sport will also have to wait a month.

For a couple of weeks, sleep on your back to avoid unnecessary pressure on the chest. Even so, bruising and inflammation may appear, so it is recommended to sleep with a pillow on the back so that the body is more relaxed.

In Mamma Surgery We are experts in both breast augmentation as in the elevation of this. So if you have any questions, do not hesitate to write us. We will be happy to help you.

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All about breast augmentation and lift
Learn all about the differences and similarities of breast augmentation and lift. Enter this article to find out more.
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