Tuberous breasts


What is a tuberous breast?

The malformation of a breast or the so-called tuberous breast occurs at the time that it is developing. It consists in that, instead of growing the breast in a round way, it simply does it from the areola forward, leaving the lower and middle part of the breast without growing. It is called tubular breast because of the way it grows, leaving both separated from each other and with an excessively large areola. Also, since the lower pole is so extremely short, the chest grows downwards.

What does the intervention consist of?

The intervention of tuberous breasts is performed with general anesthesia and its approximate duration is between 1.30 and 2.30 hours. In it, the surgeon will make incisions that will include an area of the breast that is consistent where the skin will be removed and the areola and nipple will be placed in the new position once the surgery has been carried out. Regarding the sutures, it should be noted that they will remain around the areola in a percentage of cases. In the case of large breasts, a vertical line is made from the areola to the groove under the breast in the shape of an inverted T.

In many cases, the tuberous breast is accompanied by a lack of development of the mammary gland, so a prosthesis is placed under the tissue or muscle to be able to give the necessary volume.

What are the degrees of tuberosity?

If we refer to the degrees that we distinguish from said malformation, we differentiate:

CHARACTERISTICNondevelopment of the lower inner quadrant of the breastNo development of the lower outer part of the breastPoor skin on the subareolar partAll four breast quadrants are severely affected
AREOLADownExcessively largeDilatedHerniated
% AFFECTEDCommon in more than half of the casesCommon in the third part of affectedCommon in half of the casesCommon in a third of those affected

Types of implants

Although, as in all cases, you should consult with the surgeon which prostheses are the best for you, we distinguish the following in terms of material:

Gel-filled silicone-covered breast prostheses. They are the most common and natural. In case of breakage, the gel does not spread through the body. They have different types of cohesiveness.
Silicone-covered breast prostheses and external polyurethane filled with gel. Recommended for people with capsular contracture or who have been operated on several times. They are more expensive than the previous ones.
Breast prostheses with silicone cover and filled with saline serum that cause a harder consistency in the breast.
Breast prostheses with silicone cover and filled with saline serum that weigh less than the rest and are more resistant. Recovery is less with them but they are not entirely recommended to correct tuberosity.

Refering to shape of the prosthesis and, as in the rest of the interventions, we highlight:


As to rugosity we distinguish:

Smooth. They are not used much because of the problems they present.
Textureds with rough surface.

Operation benefits

✅ Your breast will look natural again.

✅ Increase in self-esteem.

✅ No more hassle.


According to the hospitalization will be only 1 night and after the operation during the first two days you may notice discomfort and some tightness. Inflammation or possible bruises on the chest will also be common. Full recovery will take place in approximately two to three weeks although, as always, it will depend on the patient in question. It is important that you follow the surgeon's instructions as he will be the one to tell you what to do and what is recommended not to be done.



Learn more about this breast surgery: what it consists of, surgical techniques and much more in this article. 

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